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Belize Hotel Belize business Belize Conference Belize Lodging Reserve Belize Belize Trip Hotel Belize
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Things to Do

Belize City - Commercial Capital

Belize HotelThe City of Belize* is only three miles away and is readily accessible by taxi or public transportation. Belize City is a spicy mix of cultures with approximately 80,000 inhabitants. It is the main commercial center and is the link to all other destinations in Belize.

A City Tour will take you to some of Belize's wonderful past which is preserved in many buildings and monuments.

* Visit the grave at the lighthouse of Baron Bliss, a benefactor who donated all his money to the people of Belize. This monument honors him.
* Continue onto the oldest Anglican Church in Central America, St. John's Cathedral, famous in the old days for the coronation of Mosquito Kings.
* Stop at the old Swing Bridge in the center of town. If you get there at either 6 in the morning or 6 in the evening, you can see the actual swinging of the bridge!
* Visit the Government House Museum, Baron Bliss Institute and the Maritime Museum Terminal, which have beautiful artifacts and a hint of Belize's past.
* And, of course, you can see the entire shoreline with fishing boats and water taxis ready to carry visitors, businessmen and families out to the cayes.

* Although it is safe to walk around Belize City during the day, at night we recommended walking only in groups. We also recommend discretion in the wearing of jewelry, expensive watches and other similar items.

  Watersports, Fishing, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving

Reserve BelizeBelize City is all about options and being able to fully exercise those options while staying at the the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel. Fantastic fishing is available from Belize City with a variety of types ranging from river, lagoon, thin-water, reef, and deep sea. A multitude of species await your expertise.

The Barrier Reef with the islands of Sergeant's Caye, Goff's Caye, and Rendezvous Caye are perfectly situated for beginner through experienced snorkelers. Diving this same Barrier Reef at Turneffe Atoll, Lighthouse Atoll (including the Great Blue Hole and Halfmoon Caye Wall), and Glover's Atoll is easily done from points of departure in Belize City. In fact, the atolls and Barrier Reef islands are closer to Belize City than from any other mainland dive destination in the country.

Whatever you decide to do in or on the Caribbean Sea, you will never forget the turquoise waters, the living coral reef and the incredible marine life.

    Park, Sanctuary & Reserve Excursions, Trekking, Caving & Horseback Riding

Belize TripSouth of Belize City, the Blue Hole National Park is home to two popular attractions - The Blue Hole and St. Herman's Cave. The Blue Hole (not to be confused with the dive site north of Half Moon Caye) is a gorgeous and cool swimming hole, surrounded by green forest. Before or after your swim, you can hike a mile and a half or drive and then take a short trail from the highway to St. Herman's Cave, one of Belize's many exciting and mysterious caves. Don't forget to bring a flashlight. Combine this trip with visits to the Belize Zoo and/or the Guanacaste National Park just outside of the capital city, Belmopan.

Another option for a day in the south, is a visit to the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Starting either as an early morning drive down the very picturesque Hummingbird Highway or a 15 minute flight to take the tour from Dangriga, this is a worthwhile trip to experience the rainforest. The ultimate in tropical rainforests, this 160-square-mile basin is the site of the world's only jaguar reserve. Although the jaguar itself is elusive and you're unlikely to see one, there is a wealth of other wildlife to admire. There are many trails of varying degrees of difficulty. For the advanced hiker with 3-4 days, plan a hike to the top of Victoria Peak, Belizean's favorite mountain and part of Central America's oldest rock mass.

No visit to Belize is complete without a trip to the "Best Little Zoo in the World". Started as a sanctuary for a collection of wild animals which had been injured or abandoned, the Belize Zoo is settled upon 29 acres of tropical savanna and exhibits over 125 animals all native to Belize. A visit to the zoo is a great way to get an introduction to the animals of Belize, and to understand why it is important to protect the habitats that sustain them.

Just a few miles north of Belize City is the Community Baboon Sanctuary, a cooperative project among environmentalists, farmers and landowners to preserve Central America's declining population of black howler monkeys, known locally as baboons. Visitors can learn about this project via the center, museum and interpretive trail and best of all, you're sure to hear the eerie howls of the baboons.

Hotel BelizeNearby is the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. A series of lowlands, rivers and lagoons, this 3,000-acre sanctuary abounds with nature trails and wildlife. Watch for the magnificent jabiru stork, Belize's largest bird. For advice and information before your trip, visit the Audubon Society office in Belize City. For birders, a river trip to visit Lamanai, a Maya ruin on the New River Lagoon, combines outstanding birding with another chance to experience the "mystery of the Maya."

If hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding among pines and clear mountain streams is more your style, then the Mountain Pine Ridge is your destination. Spectacular waterfalls, natural swimming pools and a series of river caves hung with stalactites all vie for your attention in this terrain.

These are just a few of the adventures and experiences that make Belize unique and YOU can be a part of it. You won't regret it!

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